Citrine And Diamond Art Deco Ring

It's proven that one of the most popular genres of jewellery or design inspiration is Art Deco.  My bespoke citrine and diamond Art Deco ring didn't start out life in this way.  It was a mound of broken chain and a rather cumbersome band style ring that didn't stand the test of time and a missing diamond. This bespoke project started life cutting out all of the gemstones and cleaning them properly to see the condition of them.  One other diamond when unset had an existing chip but to a normal consumers eye, you wouldn't see and it still is resettable.  I am very transparent with my clients along the way so there are no surprises at the end

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The citrine ring before a redesign into a bespoke custom jewellery creation

Once cleaned the emerald cut citrine was a typical sunny hue and the linear sparkle of the baguette cut diamonds complimented the emerald cut citrine beautifully.  The graduation in sizes screamed to me a classic Art Deco formation, the client loved this thought so I put a more modern spin on the Art Deco design, framing the stones in 3 narrow bands.  One leading into the gemstones and the others either side of the citrine as a framing.

Bespoke Citrine and diamond Art Deco ring remodelled from a broken ring

Side view of the custom citrine and diamond Art Deco ring crafted from our clients broken ring and chain

The three bands are connected at the back of the ring because if my client needs the ring sized in years to come we can do so with ease.  It also supports the structure of the 3 bands keeping them evenly spaced.  I am also a fan of the Art Deco styling and so this has to be one of my favourite bespoke rings I've created let alone jewellery remodels. I was sorry to see it go, but then I saw the massive grin of my client!

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