Gentlemans Gold And Diamond Bespoke Wedding Ring

 Normally when a gentleman asks for a bespoke diamond wedding ring I can guess at the profile and average weight and generally the details that you go for, as I have made many a wedding ring during the eons of time I have had making jewellery. Here all stereotypes went out the window. The gentleman in question is a confidential jewellery wearer not only can he wear and carry off a wide ring but he also likes the feeling of a ring on his finger, in particular a deep ring with a lot of metal.

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He had to hand three large diamonds and wanted a modern and statement making bespoke wedding ring to highlight the sparkle. He wanted more sparkle too so I added and matched to the existing white diamonds he already had. There are number of options when you set diamonds to encourage the sparkle within the metal but my client wanted something crisp and angled so he opted for a channel set setting where the actual channel itself was a very crisp right angled style. Having the stones sit next to each other touching within the metal means it’s a concentrated line of sparkle.


Viewing the wax print prior to casting to check the diamonds will fit.

Gold And Diamond Bespoke Wedding Ring Wax

As mentioned this gentleman likes an impressive ring and as the size of the diamonds dictated the depth, as we didn't want the points of the diamonds to poke into the finger. That wouldn't have been very comfortable for a brand new bespoke wedding ring! Therefore the outcome would mean the depth of the bespoke wedding ring needed to be deep for the white diamonds.  Surrounding the diamonds was a broad band of 18ct gold making an elegant frame which focuses the eyes into the diamonds.  The edges of the bespoke wedding ring were chamfered for an extra details and finishing touch. 

Rough casting to clean up and prepare for setting the diamonds

Gold And Diamond Bespoke Wedding Ring Rough Casting To Clean Up

Owing to the scale of the bespoke wedding ring the manufacturing process took a little while because I wanted the client to view it at every stage of the ring. From the initial sketches the design, to the wax to the initial casting in gold to check the finger size was correct without the diamonds and then the finish piece. Its always better to get the ring size perfect before the diamonds are set, as its always easier to size a big ring this way, and less risk on the white diamonds when applying heat during the sizing.  Taking these precautions meant that the client could see the evolution of the design and to ensure he was 100% happy with his bespoke wedding ring. This is a simple bespoke wedding ring in design but this shear scale of the piece is impressive.

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