5 Stone Half Eternity Ring

The jewellery design concept of a 5 stone eternity ring has been around for a while but it's an eternity ring that has many reasons for its creation.  Some choose its as its an elegant eternity ring spreading halfway over the finger with a graduated set of stones for a beautiful aesthetic.  Others choose it to represent the first 5 years of marriage.  Others, our favourite concept as we're a big softie at heart is to represent the relationship, the good qualities such as; love, commitment, empathy, trust and communication. Finally, a 5 stone eternity ring as an extension of the trilogy ring concept but adding in a representation of the happy couple, so in essence a stone represents the past, present, future and the happy couple.
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The 5 stone eternity ring itself

 Here, our client asked us to create a modern classic, something to stand the test of time just like her marriage as after all this was an anniversary present.  The concept of the 5 stone eternity ring was traditional in itself but we emphasised this jewellery concept using old cut diamonds which were slightly cushion shaped.  To modernise it the old cut diamonds were set in a graduated rub over setting.  A modern fluid form with clean lines.  The diamonds were touching to maximise the sparkle. A ring with simple lines with graduated diamond sizes leading your eye around the ring.  Rub over setting, all in platinum to stand the test of time.  Hey presto, one happy lady.

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