Use a proposal ring instead of an engagement ring when popping the question


Save yourself the big problem of buying the wrong engagement ring, do the deed with a proposal ring instead

Ask your other half to marry you


Pop the question.... GOOD LUCK!

Design the perfect engagement ring together, whilst keeping your sentimental proposal ring


Design the perfect engagement ring together, with us. Get the price of the proposal ring off your bespoke order up to a maximum of 15% off.

We really appreciate you embarking on this sentimental journey with us.  As a thank you, if you purchase the proposal ring from us and work with us to create the engagement ring of your dreams then the price of the proposal ring will be deducted from the bespoke engagement ring for you up to a value of 15%.   The value of the proposal ring must be worth 15% of the bespoke engagement ring creation.  If you choose to spend more on an engagement ring then the maximum discount given on your new creation is 15%. Click the button below for some inspiration from our beautiful pieces we've made.  It also doesn't have to be a proposal ring.    Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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