Where do our jewellery ethics stand?

  We have all been made aware of the precarious state our planet is in when it comes to the environment, in essence climate change. Which is why, even at the start of our company we wanted to have a complete 360 approach to both sustainability and jewellery ethics, be aware of the footprint we are leaving with our colourful jewels. Starting with our gemstones, we are conscious of the treatment of people that mine these gorgeous gems from Mother Nature which is why all our gemstones are ethically sourced from trusted and approved sources for use in our collections and our bespoke jewellery. Our diamonds are Canada Mark diamonds to ensure traceability and ethical sourcing.

We made a conscious decision to launch our colourful jewels utilising recycled gold. This means that harmful substances like mercury and explosives aren’t used on the environment, or deforestation to get access to the gold, we have now evolved to include Fairmined gold within our jewellery collections which we are phasing in. For our bespoke jewellery our clients can opt for their piece to be crafted in Fairtrade Gold too.  Both Fairmined and Fairtrade gold supports artisanal miners in the 3rd world for their area to build a better infrastructure, education for the family and a stronger support network to grow.  We have a full transparency on how each product is created, please see individual products for their own details.

We have a different outlook of creating our colourful jewels compared to most. As all our colourful jewels are handmade in the UK we can craft in any metal you require and can often personalise a piece at no extra cost and create just for you, bespoke jewellery. This is because we chose to carry no surplus stock, we have made only what we need ourselves and therefore mostly make to order. No fast fashion here!

Our jewellery ethics not only consider the obvious areas we can help the environment but also the smaller points such as the following;

  • Our elegant jewellery boxes are fully sustainable with an innovative use of sustainable cardboard and wool. 
  • The decorative ribbon is made from wood pulp which is sustainably sourced and bio degradable.
  • Our display we use for jewellery shows is made from recycled plastic. When the perspex is scratched in the future, rather than throwing away the display, we can repolish it and use it time and time again.
  • The electricity we use is from renewable sources.
  • Ethics is also how we treat people, quite simply we treat our suppliers and our clients in the same manner, how we would like to be treated ourselves.  We have written more about how we treat people in our blog.

This is just a start on our jewellery ethics journey as there are many more avenues we are pursuing as well as better technology being developed all the time that we shall be keeping an eye on.  For more information on our ethical and sustainable stance please see these articles;