Origin 31 Fine Jewellery Is Now Jennifer House Jewellery


For those deaf or hard of hearing this is the transcript from the video, Jenny being the founder of Origin 31;

Jenny in front of camera Intro;  Hello, Welcome to Origin 31, Im Jenny, the lady behind the jewellery.  I began Origin 31 after 22 years experience at some of Londons finest design houses. I wanted Origin 31 to have a lighthearted approach after realising life can get a little too serious, so I make my jewellery as fun loving as possible with the concepts or the colourful materials I use.  Heres how I do it;
Jenny looking at gemstones at desk Its starts with the inspiration; a concept or the gemstones themselves
Jenny Doodling,  My doodle brainstorms come first
Jenny at desk working on computer,   Successful designs get drawn up to narrow down the final choice
Jenny At workbench   It all gets made by hand in the UK with ethical materials such as Fairmined gold and traceable diamonds. Teaming up with other master craftsmen like enamelers and setters
Jenny looking at the finished jewel;  When working with clients on their bespoke jewels or remodels they provide initial the concept, I’m just the interpreter or translator and make their vision a reality. I love surprising people turning the unexpected into a beautiful reality, that’s why truly believe nothing is impossible to make in fine materials.
Videos of Origin 31 jewellery collections;  My collections generally are inspired by my childhood, when there were no inhibitions, care free;  nostalgic whimsy I like to call it.  I also use gemstones for that pop of colour to bring a smile to your face, satisfying my passion for rocks and minerals by working with some beautiful gems.  
Jenny In front of camera,  Origin 31 is also ethically minded.  Let’s be realistic, no one’s perfect but I'm always looking for ways to make my company evolve for the better as more ethical and sustainable aspects are developed, here’s what I have implemented so far;
Fairmined gold video snippets;  The use of Fairmined gold within my jewellery which means we contribute to help small artisanal miners and their communities in the third world with infrastructure, education and general wellbeing.
Video shot of gemstones;  Gemstones including diamonds are a complex subject where I am transparent with the traceability of the gemstones I use, just have a look at my website to see.  
Video shot of Packaging;  I also use 100% sustainable packaging.
Jenny in front of camera- The small things also matter from the display I use which is 100% recycled perspex which can be further recycled to the electricity I use, which is from renewable sources.  I try to consider every angle.  Thats why I use the term ethically minded, as I am always improving my ways.
Jenny in front of camera Thats me and Origin 31 in a nutshell.  If you would like to know any more about Origin 31 or commission a bespoke jewel or redesign, I am only an email away.
If you wanted to see more about our ethics, collections or bespoke and redesigned jewels these links may help;