I'd love to present the dazzling world of Tomee jewellery, where the possibilities for style and expression are endless! This revolutionary concept of interchangeable jewellery was born from 2 creative London talents, the owners. With this novel concept combined with Jennifer House’s playful approach it was a no brainer this collaboration was going to work; bringing together a powerhouse of printing, jewellery and manufacturing expertise.

Jennifer House Jewellery collaborating with Tomee Jewellery, this is how the jewellery works 

So let us present a truly unique and cost-effective way to have fun with Tomee Jewellery.   Choose from pendants, badges, or rings, and then let your imagination run wild with the vast array of interchangeable ‘gems’ available on their website. With their magnets based system makes it easy to swap around the ‘gems’ with the jewellery and create a look that's uniquely yours.

Jennifer House Jewellery collaborating with Tomee Jewellery presents the patterned gem collection

From zodiac signs to lucky numbers, flags, hearts, and even personalised designs, the options are endless! Crafted from premium stainless steel, Tomee jewellery is built to last and with a quick turnaround of just three days, you can have your jewels in hand and ready to wear in no time. These gems are perfect for anyone who loves to switch up their style, whether it's for a special occasion, a cherished memory… or just because.

At such an affordable price point with the jewellery priced at £19.99 with the interchangeable gems at £4.99 each or £2.99 per gem if you purchase 4 or more.  They also make the perfect gift for someone special in your life. From the craft DIYer to the fashion-forward trendsetter, Tomee jewellery has something for everyone. It’s time to unleash your creativity! 

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