A Redesigned Diamond Ring

Sometimes simplicity is best for a redesigned diamond ring.  Given that modern round cut diamonds are complex in themselves to throw off maximum sparkle due to their 58 facets.  When you also melt down a clients gold from old jewellery for a redesign, sometimes chains etc the quality of the melt isn't great so the bullion suits simpler redesigns as the gold is less malleable which worked out well as our client wanted 'no fuss or detailing'.  

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She is a heavy wearer of her rings therefore wanted a ring that could 'cope with her'.  Hey presto, a minimalist twist redesigned ring with a parallel stank channelling the clients white diamonds in a channel set style, her 3 diamonds side by side.  Diamonds to represent the past present and future for herself, a modern talisman of where she has come from, the now  and where she aims to go to.


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