Swirling Ruby Bangle

A ruby bangle was the goal of this bespoke jewellery design project and I set to the initial designs after being presented with two whopping cabochon rubies, with old cut diamonds to accent the design, also clients own.  The size of the rubies meant this hand made creation was going to be an eye-catching bespoke ruby bangle.  Other considerations to the bespoke jewellery design were also the weight, having the focal point of the design being the cabochon rubies meant the bangle would be top heavy.  I didn't want the bangle to spin on the wrist.

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One ruby was nearly round the other was an obvious oval, so two mismatched stones.  To me that meant an asymmetric bespoke jewellery design to really highlight the differences.  The ovals and the fact that the rubies were cabochons made the feel to them very sensual hence pursuing a flowing tactile design.  The result being the flow of the metal was dictated by the curves of the rubies, a splash of white gold for another contrast and to compliment the diamonds.  To solve the problem of the bespoke bangle spinning on wrist was to make a torque style, made to fit the clients wrist snuggly so the was not enough of the gap to let the bangle spin round.  Having a torque bangle style also helps to keep the costs down as there is no handmade hinge, or box and tongue clasp.  Hand making these components is very time consuming.

Face on view of the bespoke ruby bangle hand made in white and yellow gold


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