Concentric Circle Gold Pendant

This concentric circle gold pendant was made for a number of reasons one because my client wanted to treat herself but also because she inherited her grandmothers ruby signet ring and wanted to better encapsulate the vibrant ruby into something that more modern, to her taste and ultimately that she loves. My client was based in New York and she didn’t particularly want the ruby travelling overseas for risk of being lost so I had to adapt my design and manufacture process. The advantage with this gold pendant design was that the gemstones were round so there are assumptions I can make with regards to a size and depth of the gemstones so that I can make the gold pendant in the UK so then my clients can get the ruby set in America.

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Every other point of the bespoke jewellery process was consistent with my normal style; after establishing her likes and dislikes. I set to work on drawing the initial set of bespoke designs, and after the presentation to her she narrowed down the options and drew up some more based on the feedback and then we got to the one gold pendant design that she absolutely loved. She opted for a design inspired by liquorice cartwheels. The ruby was the central point with concentric circles going around and around, interrupted by her own stone of choice, a contrasting blue sapphire. Both gemstones were fine quality and very vibrant in its hue, which is why the colours stand out beautifully.  The bail to hold the chain flowed straight out of the concentric circle in a loop; it was one fluid motion. My client would feel a very tactile and flowing piece, something inviting and that she can play with. This bespoke gold pendant overall was about 23 mm wide and 5 mm depth, all in 18 carat yellow gold. I took my time to clean the gold casting to ensure consistent lines were kept independent and crisp. When the bespoke gold pendant was sent to New York for my client to set just the gemstones my plan worked and it was the perfect fit for the pendant. My client was delighted.


Liquorice Wheels as design inspiration for a gold pendant hand made by Origin 31 in Surrey


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