Contemporary Diamond and Amethyst Ring

Our client approached us for a contemporary amethyst ring, just like us is a harder wearer on her rings, heavy handed.  So she wanted a jewellery design that could cope with an impact, no intricacies that could catch on things, no details which would get worn over time.  That got us thinking to a really simple form, a jewellery design that we just know would work.  

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To shake it up a bit we sourced a selection of amethysts for our client to choose from to make it something a bit more unusual. We let the gemstone do the talking.  Our client selected a smooth topped (buff top) amethyst with a facetted underneath.  The amethyst ring was a soft form but the cut of the amethyst shining out especially when teamed with a white diamond on each shoulder to lift the sparkle.  Less is more as they say.


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