Contemporary Diamond Necklace

We combined two popular concepts within this contemporary diamond necklace, a knot and the infinity symbol.  Both of these symbols are popular throughout custom jewellery with rings, necklaces, bracelets and well anything!  A knot intertwines multiple strands to symbolise the unseperating strands, unbreakable, strong.  The infinity symbol to repent quite obviously eternity, in a more romantic manner it represents endless love, a continual partnership.  Both very apt to represent a long and loving relationship.

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Fundamentally this design is very simple jewellery design but why complicate things when your centrepiece is a stunning cushion brilliant diamond.  This contemporary diamond necklace is large enough to be the finishing touch for an evening out, but also discrete enough to wear everyday.  A custom design lets you design the perfect piece for you, to use and style as your own lifestyle dictates.  How would you wear a diamond necklace?

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