Custom Rock Pool Diamond Bangle

I already create a rock pool diamond bangle but here I upped the anti for my client.  She loved my Rockpool collection and wanted a piece for herself.  For me its one of the biggest compliments when someone approaches me and wants to frame the collection ethos in their own unique design.  My Rock Pool collection is simple in design letting the textures and colours contrast against the shiny gold.  Allowing you to peer into the crevasses, like the rock pools themselves.

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The diamond bangle I created for my collection is more of an everyday stackable type.  My client wanted more of a chunky style.  Absolutely no problem, I simply upped the scale and increased the size of the diamonds used for this custom torque bangle.  As with any bespoke jewel the design is made to fit so I took the measurements of the clients wrist and tweaked it a couple of times until the custom diamond bangle was perfect to wear.

Another view of the custom rock pool diamond bangle in gold

Overall this diamond bangle weighed a wapping 30gms of 18ct gold, its felt beautiful on, not just because the weight makes it noticeable but the curvature of the piece makes it very sensual to wear.  Just like the collection bangle there were old cut diamonds peering out of the crevasse just like underwater sea creatures lurking about in the depths of the rock pools.  In total there were 1.6cts of white diamonds, a truly statement piece!

As all the jewellery is handmade its very easy to work through a project if you want a piece personalised or crafted with your changes, whether its a piece upscaled like this or colours of gemstones and platings altered to your own favourites, its all possible.

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