Diamond And Platinum Bubble Ring

Custom rings with a Bubble ring design style have been very on trend of late.  The design style first came about with a melange of diamonds seated on many strands of gold.  It is a design style that makes the best out of an assortment of different diamond sizes which can be difficult to work with to create a pleasing aesthetic quality.  We frown (to put it mildly) upon brands that blatantly copy other brands designs hence when asked to create a custom version, we discussed with the client about creating our interpretation of it.

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It was a similar brief; with an assortment of diamond sizes, the form must be simple in design and the bubble ring that could be worn with absolutely anything.  The chosen design was the asymmetric assortment of diamonds housed in a split of metal ready to burst. In essence a simple form with maximum sparkle. A polished finish just finalises the glitz and the glam of this contemporary bubble ring.


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