Diamond Twist Engagement Ring

If you're after an engagement ring with a twist, have you considered just that?  A the heart of a twist engagement ring is your central stone be it a coloured gemstone or in this case a cushion diamond.  Leading out from the diamond is the shank, the band that goes around the finger which has a wave in the metal.  This ring with the waves when worn on the finger looks like a twist.  You can get real extremes of curves used but here it is quite subtle as we were also asked to bear in mind a wedding band with this as our client was surprising his girlfriend with this.

If you're wondering what wedding band you would wear with this, well the most aesthetic option would be for a shaped wedding band so it would sit snuggly next to this diamond twist engagement ring.  It would be the choice whether or not to add diamonds to the wedding band or to have it plain.

Just to add, our client mentioned, it was a yes.  YEY!

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