Emerald Knot Pendant And Drop Earrings

Creating an emerald knot pendant and drop earrings suite was a lovely project especially when she chose to make them by remodelling her old jewellery.  Her old jewellery was very bland, simple and basically not making the most out of the intense rich greens of the emeralds and the sparkles of the white diamonds.

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It was very easy to improve upon the old jewellery but as always develop ideas based on the clients needs and wants.  The emeralds were rich and bold, and so she wanted a design to match.  She liked some existing jewellery using a knot design so I took that as inspiration.  Keeping the feel of the pieces tactile I abstracted the concept to create a more open look using the overlapping wires to create that knot effect.  When you add diamonds to a design the sparkle always lifts the solidity of the gold, it makes a jewel lighter looking, grabs attention and lifts the colour out.

The emerald jewels before they were remodelled into a bespoke jewel

I used a little trick with this suite of jewellery as the tones of the emeralds did not match, not a massive problem when your head is keeping the earrings away from the emerald necklace around your neck but I have some tricks up my sleeve to make the jewels the best they can be.  The earring emeralds were more of a beryl tone, albeit beautifully translucent and the pendant was a classic emerald colour.  As the earring gems were translucent the back of the earring settings had a back to them and I lined the setting with green enamel.  The darker colour tones reflects within the emeralds and gives the dense of a darker hue to the gemstones. 

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