Everyday Essential Gold Band

Everyday essential jewellery doesn't always have to feature gemstones, there is so much you can do with gold itself especially in bespoke jewellery.  Our client had a selection of wide bands from her travels but they were all extremely delicate, novelty silver travel gifts.  As she loved these pieces and wore them everyday they wore out, snapped and were at the end of their life.  She wanted, no, she needed a replacement.

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She had these well loved bands as a reference point so she new she wanted something geometric but she also wanted something original, fresh and exciting hence bespoke jewellery was also the way forward.  So as another jewellery design concept to throw into the mix were cats, yes feline cats.  She was an absolute cat lover but wanted the bespoke design to reflect feline aspects discretely so that only she knew the inspiration behind the gold band.  After exploring different features of a cat; paws, whiskers, mouth etc in our bespoke jewellery designs she opted for one inspired by cats eyes.  Drawn in CAD to get absolute symmetry and graduating sizes of marquise shapes. Simple but oh so effective everyday essential gold band.  

Everyday essential gold geometric band
everyday essential band worn on finger
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