Family Tree Bespoke Birthstone Necklace

A gentleman wanted a one of a kind gift for his wife's 65th birthday.  He wanted something to represent his family and his wife is a confident jewellery wearer so wanted a statement bespoke birthstone necklace.  His family consisted of them; a husband and wife, their 4 kids and their 2 grand kids.  That's all I needed to get  my imaginative brain cells churning. 

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A family tree is normally depicted by layers and branches where ultimately I viewed it differently as a concentric structure with the grandparents at the centre.  After some design variations were presented the client opted for this organic yet structured design to his birthstone necklace.  The husband and wife birthstones were the central feature (garnet and amethyst), the middle ring featured their 4 childrens birthstones (aquamarine and peridot) with the outer ring representing the grandchildren (tanzanite and emerald) with an opportunity to add more stones.  The vibrant gemstones got smaller towards the outside edge as it was the husband who was gifting this family tree necklace to his wife celebrating their offspring and grandchildren.  To convey all these features in a bespoke jewellery design means the pendant itself was going to be quite large therefore the chain had to be a reasonable weight to balance out the size of the birthstone necklace, in total this piece weighed over 30grams of 18ct yellow gold!  

Bespoke Birthstone Necklace Side View Hand Made By Origin 31 In Their Surrey Jewellers

To emphasise the the circle detailing the recessed gold was black ruthenium plated to give an intense contrast. Details on the side and the back were also considered in order to complement the main pendant features.  I love this piece as the design 100% represents the clients brief, it works in every single way.  It was also such a fun piece to make, completely one of a kind. The husband truly spoilt his wife with this bespoke birthstone necklace!

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