Modern Gents Navratna Gold Bracelet

A gentleman approached me to create a unique Navratna bespoke gold bracelet, I'll be honest I even had to google Navratna gemstones.  Certain gemstones in a certain layout and order are said to bring the wearer energies and healing benefits.  The stones you see are Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Chrysoberyl, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Hessonite and Carnelian.... what a variety!  It is also believed that the gemstones need to be the finest purity in order to convey the energies through the body when the gold bracelet is worn on the wrist and bring good health and well-being which is why I used the fine quality gemstones with rich vibrant colours.  

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Ruby signifies the Sun

Pearl signifies the Moon

Red Coral represents Mars

Emerald for Mercury

Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter

Diamond for Venus

Blue Sapphire signifies Saturn

Hessonite Garnet for the ascending lunar node 

Cats Eye Chrysoberyl for the defending lunar node

Navratna gold bracelet bespoke designed by Origin 31 Surrey Jewellers

When you look at the piece you think its a very simple bespoke jewellery design, well that couldn't be further from the truth.  With the gold bracelet design I had to bear in mind the complexities;  fitting the watch strap within the organic form, hollowing the piece so it wasn't a tonne of gold weighing down your wrist whilst still feeling gorgeous, all the angles were irregular with no symmetry to the piece, there also had to be support bars to the back after hollowing out the piece to ensure the gold bracelet kept its form whilst not getting in the way of the gemstones and their setting.  


I took my normal bespoke jewellery process with my client from initial designs, to a cad rendering to the wax.  As he is an ardent art and design lover he had an acute awareness of the angles and form so when he wanted a slight change to the design, a new wax was created for him to view and approve.  This may have taken longer to create this bespoke gold bracelet but because I did it this way I knew my client was going to love the finished navratna bracelet.  It would have been awful to present something to a client that they simply would not adore!

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