A Modern Yet Classic Opal Cluster Ring

A lady wanted a cluster ring to make a feature of the boulder opal she bought.  Already this ring had a story as the client had visited Australia and became entranced by this boulder opal that depicted a galaxy of colour, from the famed opal area of Lightening Ridge.  It was so captivating with the plays of colour of red, green, blues.  She didn't want the classic white diamonds surrounding the opal, she wanted to funk it up and so we used green tasvorite garnets to compliment the green hues within the opal.  

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We loved making this cluster ring as it used traditional goldsmith skills to turn flat pieces of metal into this domed ring.  The underneath fret work had to be carefully marked out, drilled and then carved out evenly, if not the gaps would look uneven an unsightly.  Its a very therapeutic ring to make because it goes back to traditional goldsmithing techniques but we needed a time of quietness to fully concentrate on this precision piece.


As each opal is unique, this truly was a one of a kind creation.  We loved it, she loved it, do you love it?  If you loved this opal cluster ring, then we thing you'll love these too;

A behind view of the detailing under the classic opal cluster ring
Side view of the classic opal cluster ring

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