Oval Diamond Bespoke Engagement Ring

 This gentleman approached me knowing exactly what he was after which was an oval three stone diamond bespoke engagement ring. This was extremely helpful considering he needed it in two weeks!! Eeek! So basically I had to put everything down relatively speaking and concentrate on this bespoke engagement ring. The reason he needed it so urgently who is that he was flying out to Australia to do the deed.  Now normally I present to my client in the flesh I selection of diamonds after narrowing down the options so they can pick 'the one' diamond. Now given the short turnaround this was not possible as every second counted but with the wonders of technology Face Timeing and some video messages sent over he still chose his diamond for his own bespoke engagement ring. 

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An oval diamond is a very elegant shape and does wonders to the elegance of a finger; the long form elongates the look of a finger. To encourage the visual flow around the ring and to encourage your eyes to lead to the central stone my client wanted pear shaped diamond shoulders.  Naturally the characteristics in these had to compliment that gorgeous central stone. In both cases not only do the four c's need to be abided by but a closer look at the cut needs to happen. Sometimes in poorly cut pear shape diamond is what's called a bowtie effect so when the sparkle and scintillation occurs in essence you see a black bowtie area within the stone. This for sure is not pleasing to the eye hence these types of stones weren’t even presented to my clients. 

Oval Diamond Bespoke Engagement Ring Side View made in our Surrey jewellers

By the skin of my teeth I managed to pull off this bespoke engagement ring but if I didn’t I’d already forward planned and counted for possible problems to happen so I had FedEx standing by as the worst case scenario; so fundamentally his big day would happen. My client was tickled pink that I could create his bespoke engagement ring for him within that exceptionally short turnaround but not only that I kept him involved as much as I could in that time.


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