Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

This oval diamond engagement ring was an absolute stunner and the lady (who said yes) is a very lucky lady.  Her now fiancé approached me and wanted to spoil her a lot.  Not only was size an important feature but also the other qualities of the 4 C's of a diamond.  The initial time spent with my client was to explain the characteristics of a diamond;  the cut, colour, clarity and carat.  I wanted my client to fall in love with one of the diamonds I presented to him as each diamond is slightly different.  With ovals too I looked at the cut closely as I didn't want any 'bow tie' effect within the diamond, the sparkle on each diamond was slightly different with some diamonds slightly shorter, some longer and some wider, which all plays a part in the sparkle.  The client selected a diamond a 1.90ct D VS2 for his bespoke ring design, up with the creme de la creme of quality and size so next came the mount design.

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So what bespoke ring design would you choose with such a stunning diamond?  You go for something that makes the most out of a diamond.  A timeless piece with an elegant framing.  Put simply he went for a wed fit design, a design that lets a wedding band sit flush against it. The bespoke jewellery design had 4 claws leading up to the diamond with a scalloped stone bezel for that timeless look, all handmade in platinum the strongest metal to hold such a beautiful diamond.  Would you not agree that this oval diamond engagement ring is a picture of elegance?

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in platinum side view

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