Remodelling Old Gold Into A Flowing Ruby Pendant

Over time we all loose half a pair of earrings or an old chain breaks.  So what do you do with all those odds and sods lying around... remodelling!?  Well a client had this dilemma and well, we can melt it down and remodel the gold into a new jewellery design. 

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Yellow gold is very easy to melt up and remodel, the only issue to bear in mind is that the gold tends to be tougher to work with than fresh gold bullion.  So you tend to create simple, less intricate designs with this metal when remodelling.  However having made jewellery for over 20 years now, there are still tricks up our sleeves!

As for the jewellery design, she was a lover of sailing so we looked to the flow of water and the sea for inspiration.  She opted for a simple design with a beautiful flow of metal around a vibrant ruby.   A ruby because it was her birthstone.

The end result;

The finished pendant of redesign clients old gold into flowing ruby pendant


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