Ruby Studs Revamped Into Chandelier Drop Earrings

Ruby cluster earrings are a traditional design, and a popular style however they aren't particularly modern or conceptual in design. Hence this was the design specification from the client for her bespoke jewels; to revamp these safe cluster earrings into something with more pizazz, more flair.  For a completely different look she wanted me to have a play around with long drop earrings.  The design inspiration behind the bespoke earrings was a pendant she loved which featured a wave of stones.

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Once the rubies and diamonds were unset from their cluster settings I drew the chosen design to scale and really studied the tone of the rubies in which to match the smaller rubies too, the colour and tone needed to be consistent!  As for the chosen drop earring design my client opted for was very simple with the start of the drop as the largest ruby with three strands falling.  The longest drop is the centre to create an aesthetically pleasing drop.  All the strands have the same wave design to house a diamond and 2 rubies. With each section built with a hinge every time you move your head from side to side the ruby drop earrings shimmy and shake.

Ruby Cluster Earrings Unset
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