Diamond Set Shaped Wedding Ring

A shaped wedding ring is a popular choice for a wedding ring as now-a-days people want a wedding band (and an eternity ring when that is presented) to sit snuggly next to their engagement ring with little or no gap between the two.  In ye olde times it was common place to have quite a considerable gap, or the rings quite simply did not sit well together but lets face it we have modern technology and improved machinery to helps us making a snug fit to your shaped wedding band.

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This was the situation with the client for this ring.  She had a modern halo cluster engagement ring also handmade by Jennifer House Jewellery and wanted as little gaps as possible between the rings.  Also owing to her career she wanted the option of wearing the wedding band alone and needed something aesthetically pleasing when she didn't wear the shaped wedding band with her halo engagement ring.  She opted for a ring to complement her engagement ring, obviously, so it was made out of the same metal, platinum and also featured the same diamond setting style.  For a truly sentimental wedding band she had some words engraved inside, but that's for her eyes only.

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