Toi Et Moi Diamond Necklace

Meanings behind jewellery designs are not always obvious, even here with this toi et moi diamond necklace. To anyone else apart from the wearer, and us of course as we made the piece, no one would know the meaning behind it.  The client had two diamonds to represent her and her mother, her best friend who sadly passed away.  This toi et moi necklace was to be a constant reminder of her best friend. 

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Toi et moi concepts, in english, you and me originated from France and bought to the forefront of society as it was the engagement ring given from Napolean to Josephine in 1796.  The concept is to feature two main gemstones in similar sizes to represent, you and me. Some people use this jewellery concept in weddings to represent the bond of marriage or in this case, family and friendship.

Our client wanted a flowing toi et moi diamond necklace leading from one diamond to the other, so we literally carved out a bar of white gold to achieve the desired effect.  The design cross over between the two diamonds also symbolises love with a subtle x representing a kiss. 

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