5 Summer Bright Jewels

The summer solstice is also known as Midsummer and the word itself derived from Latin for sun (sol) and to stand (sistere). It marks the point in time where the Earth is tilted at its optimum point in relation to the to create the longest amount of daytime for one day. This year in the UK it’s on Monday the 21st June. It’s a time of year celebrated by many cultures and has done so for some considerable time. Stonehenge is one of the main sites in the UK where people congregate in ancient times as well as nowadays to celebrate summers longest day.  In days gone by it would’ve been celebrated by farmers as the warmth to grow their crops and the amount of time in the day to tend to their crops and their animals. But of course in the UK we can never guarantee our weather.  As we are always the optimist in life we thought we celebrate summer solstice with our pieces to bring you some summer bright jewels.

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As you know we love our colour but the pieces that immediately come to mind to celebrate summer solstice come from our rock candy pieces Our rock candy pieces are made out of gold with an overlay of cold enamel to create some eye-catching colours. In particular the sunrise pendant focuses on Yellows, greens and blues just like the dawn itself. We also have a pendant in the collection to remind us of sunset with the dusk colours of yellow, red, purple and orange; very apt pieces for Midsummer, for summer bright jewels.

Rock Candy Rainbow necklace made in gold and cold enamel

Our framed pieces have the concept of turning your Childs artwork into a sentimental ring or necklace, this particular young lady wanted to draw a picture of how she saw her family but interestingly they are all holding hands amongst a background of a rainbow; a very bright start to the day, with a sunny outlook

Framed Necklace inspired by a child's painting handmade in 18 carat yellow gold

The wedge gemstone ring was inspired by a Game of Trivial Pursuit. This game features key pieces in the shape of a wedge and to complete the game you have to build a full wedge of six pieces hence the inspiration behind this ring.  Also we drew similarities in the gemstones that we used to represent the colours in the game; you have citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, fire opal, pink sapphire and tsavorite garnet.  We also offer a personalisation option where you can use other gemstones to build up your own full wedge create your own summer bright jewels.

Multi Coloured gemstone ring called the Wedge handmade in 9 carat yellow gold

Summer definitely has the feel good factor with the warmth and sun shining and a good excuse to wear bright colours, be a bit bolder.  As mentioned we specialise in jewellery personalisation so we can turn any these jewellery designs into you very own piece with neons or pastel colours depending on your mood.  If you love these summer bright jewels we mentioned take a closer look;

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