How To Get Your Perfect Engagement Ring Designed In 7 Steps

In our time we have designed and created many a stunning engagement ring design after getting over the minefield of inspiration and styles available to our clients. It's not until people actually start looking at possible proposal rings do they realise the huge scope of options....cue one baffled client. So this is what we advise from that first ice breaking moment.

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  1. You don't have to know what you want for your ultimate commitment ring from the outset. Choosing your engagement ring that you wear for the rest of your life should be fun, so get loads of magazines and go online to get as many pictures of rings that grab your attention to create your own look book. What do you think you will like?
  2. Also chop out pictures of proposal rings that you detest as this also puts another dimension on your personality which helps us. The more info the better.
  3. Happy shopping; go and try on all the styles in your mood board. Some you will love, some you would find out are not the one. Also try on pieces to confirm your dislikes.... you are entitled to change your mind. Slowly but surely you are honing in on 'the one'. Take notes of rings from every angle.... what aspects do you love, what do you hate?
  4. The 'One' engagement ring design is the idea/features you can't stop thinking about, we amalgamate all the features you love together to create that perfect ethical jewel especially for you.
  5. This is where we come up with some ethical jewellery designs for you. We bear in mind each angle of the commitment ring so you at totally happy with it at every angle. Be it a proposal ring you have tried on but want a unique twist or 'you like a bit of this and a bit of that' for us to sketch from.
  6. It's tough to say but I'm sure money will be factor; don't fret we have never failed a client with hitting the right spot. We will talk you through all options for your engagement ring design explaining the huge impact stone qualities can play and choosing the stone to keep everyone happy (the wearer and the wallet holder).
  7. Bada bing bada boom. You know what you want, everyone is exited so lets make that stunning engagement ring design a reality!  Also remember we are an ethical jeweller, so from start to finish your commitment ring will be a sustainable piece from the metal we use to the packaging we display it in for you.   

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Want to get the ball rolling, book an appointment with us.  This process is a winner on so many levels for getting your perfect engagement ring design, taking it step by step reassures everyone involved that you will get the ring you want and it should be a way to develop trust with your jeweller, with us. The money factor should be a small consideration, even though it is necessary. This ring is a celebration so you should enjoy the process and add to the evolving story of a couple. Hopefully you will find these tips useful, if you want to see some of our past creations for inspiration have a look at these links;