Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day or mothering Sunday as it’s more formally called is a day to celebrate the role that mothers have and take on.  This year in 2021 it lies on Sunday, the 14th of March in the UK and in the USA it lies on Sunday, the 9th of May.

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Mothers Day in the UK 

The UK Mother’s Day came into existence during the Middle Ages as families drifted apart due to sons and daughters moving for work and their own families. (Not dissimilar to now a days but with our transport its a lot easier to pop to see the parents). So on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent they used to go back and see their families in particular their mother as she is such a central figure of a family this was the start of the UK mothering Sunday as we know it.  

Mothers Day in the USA

As for the USA it has a different story it started with a woman called Anna Jarvis who held a small memorial service for her mother on the 12th of May 1907. That concept followed through other American States and before too long most places in America were observing the same day honouring mothers. In 1914 the US President made it a national holiday.  Mother’s Day in the USA it’s always celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

 Jewellery Makes The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

Some take a gift of flowers, some take a gift of chocolate’s.  We of course like to treat her to a piece of jewellery on mothers day as it will create a sentimental jewel from you to her and it will stand the test of time. The jewellery need not be excessive, it can be a little treat but here’s a few options you could treat yours to. We created the gold wedge pieces to wear all day every day, a reliable go to to jazz up an everyday outfit. Ultimately the range is a flash of colour around your neck, colour pop on your ears or a bit of sparkle around your wrist.  Choose an item of jewellery from this gold range as it’s her favourite stone, it’s her birthstone or because she’s got an outfit she wants a compliment.

Wedge gemstone necklaces make the perfect mothers day gift

Always a classic in concept is a pearl necklace, we have modernised ours creating our sherbet pips giving the illusion of the pearl floating on the chain.  Again it’s a jewel to wear with absolutely everything with the epitome of elegance.

Sherbet pip pearl necklace to gift your mother on mothers day

As you know love hearts are an iconic British sweet which we have immortalised in our fine gold jewellery.  Choose ‘Love you’ necklace or to create the ultimate personal pendant by creating your own love heart with your own saying.  You could create a name necklace or an initial necklace, what ever your saying, we can handmade it for you.  Whenever she wears it whenever she sees it it will remind her of you.

Love Hearts Love You Heart Necklace to gift on mothers day

If you like these suggestions then follow these links to take a look at the pieces we mentioned.  

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