Rock Candy; New Bespoke Jewellery Designs!

Well the fun now goes even finer with the Rock Candy Bespoke Jewellery Design offering.  The Rock Candy range is inspired by the sticks of Rock Candy I always longed for on family trips to the British sea side in my childhood, lets face it name a child who doesn't like a sweet treat!  Just remember those mesmerising swirls of irresistible colour transformed into fine 18ct jewellery with cold enamel.

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Well now I have created more candilicious goodies, combining gobstopper goodness with my colourful swirls.  The pieces I created are illustrations on what can be achieved giving you the endless possibilities of gemstones to use, enamel options and jewellery designs.  Firstly the dainty drop earrings, colour can be worn everyday and this bespoke jewellery design is the perfect representation of this.  The central rich red ruby scintillates with its sparkle surrounded by a mesmerising swirl of red hues which I have named 'Cherry Bomb" all housed in the warm tones of 18ct yellow gold.

Rock Candy Ruby Earrings Bespoke Jewellery Design in 18ct Yellow gold

The pendant I created is my salute to the Victorian era turning the idea of a pearl choker into a contemporary jewellery representation.  This bespoke jewellery design again centres around a luxurious mother of pearl base with a facetted quartz overlay to create a stone which sparkles.  To create a statement jewellery design the gemstone was surrounded by a colour combination of white, black and the bold neon pink inspired by the sweets you love or loathe, the liquorice allsorts!

Rock Candy Pearl Necklace Bespoke Jewellery Design

Lastly, but no means least this statement ring featuring a Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, the consistent rich blue colour is reminiscent those gobstopper sweets.  To shake up the bespoke jewellery design I created an assymetric form. A very hard piece to create owing to this fact but perseverance pays off with this piece, one of my all-time favourites!!!!  The glossy blue of the Sleeping Blue Turquoise is complimented but yet contrasted with the surrounding cold enamel colours of blue tones from aqua to periwinkle to a lapis.

Rock Candy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring Bespoke Jewellery Design

This rock candy bespoke jewellery concept brings the idea of collaboration between myself and you to create your very own unique Rock Candy jewel.  We would begin our bespoke jewellery story chasing the colour scheme and some indication of form.  From there I will source some tantalising gobstopper gemstone options for you to choose from.  The design will then be centred around the stone you choose.  Once I hit the nail on the head with your bespoke jewellery design that's it, lets get making.  These are complex pieces to make involving many processes which means it can take up to 2 months to hand make but as you can see the bespoke jewellery designs are well worth the wait!!

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