Your Very Own Rock Candy Personalised Jewellery

To add to one of your favourite collections I now bring you Rock Candy Personalised Jewellery, but what does this mean?  The existing collection consists  of enamelled jewels with the rainbow, bubble gum and allsorts colour way displaying a variety of hues and tones.  The rainbow represents a spectrum of colour and emulates the colour tones found in the sticks of candy rock, bubblegum just like the pastel tones when blowing bubbles and allsorts with the flash of vibrant neon just like the liquorice allsorts you love or loathe.

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Rock Candy Gold Rainbow Jewellery crafted with enamel

With enamel the options are endless with creations, all colours of the rainbow are available with cold enamels. from neons, to pastels, to glitter to opaque to translucent.  My offerings of colour ways are a minute offering of what can be achieved hence wanting to create an option to design the personalised jewellery you will love.  What actually is personalised jewellery I hear you ask.  Well, it lies in-between ready to wear pieces you can purchase straight from my website, but not one of a kinds like bespoke jewellery.  Here, with personalised jewellery the development and design of the jewellery is already created, enabling the finer details like colour to be designed by you.

Rock Candy personalised ring you can customise with your selection of enamel colours

I also wanted to continue my whimsical approach to this idea hence I present to you  the jewels in a black and white sketch, enabling you to colour in the picture just like when you were a child, in the colours you love.  Whether its your favourite colour, or tones to suit your skin complexion or colours representing the birthstones of your family colour in the picture to see how it will look.  Then simply email me with your personalised jewellery sketch to get the ball rolling.

Rock Candy Personalised Collar that you can customise with your own enamel colours

As all my jewels including these personalised jewels are handmade in Surrey and London please allow for 6 to 8 weeks to create these pieces for you. So if you have a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas to plan for please allow for plenty of time.  That being said I still offer completely bespoke designs for you, if you fancy gifting  a gentleman some cufflinks or shirt studs or you're a lady who prefers drop earrings then it is always possible, contact me to discuss your ideas.

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