Sapphire Jewellery And The Gem Facts

Sapphire jewellery is one of our favourites to create by far as believe it or not, it is available in a rainbow of colours, one of the most strong gemstones jewellers can use combined with the array of colours makes this a perfect gem to feature in jewellery.  Hence you will see sapphire jewellery though out our collections and a popular feature within our bespoke jewellery.

Our Wedge Collection features a variety of gemstones including blue and pink sapphire jewels

Sapphire jewellery from our wedge collection


This gem ranks, or its family; corundum,  at number 9 on the Mohs scale, which is a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest.  It rates the gemstones on this hardness scale to give some indication on how easy or difficult it is to work with.  Sapphire being at the top end is easy to work with as its a hard stone enabling us jewellers to cut it to shape easily, allows us to push metal over the stone easily when setting as it can cope with all that pressure.

Get your own bespoke sapphire jewellery hand crafted by Origin 31

Sapphire can come out of the ground in all its beautiful colours however most of the time the stones are heat treated to encourage the colour to be more intense and vivid.  Most gemstones on the market are heat treated.  Hence in its completely natural form you will be paying more for this rarity than a heat treated sapphire of the same hue and tone. I absolutely adore sapphires because it is one of the greatest stones to use in my ready to wear collections and my bespoke jewellery.  The gemstone offers variety of colours as it is available in a whole rainbow spectrum of colour but also its one of the hardest stones to work with so offering that durability factor.  Sapphire is also one of Virgo's birthstones.  so this, teamed with the variety of colour also lends itself to being a talisman.

In ancient times they also believed sapphire to be a talisman, the ancient Far East believed wearing a sapphire prevented them from falling prey to jealously and bad luck whilst in medieval Europe, people believed that wearing sapphire jewellery suppressed negative thoughts.   

Some of the vibrant colours of Sapphire
Different colours of sapphire to use within personalised sapphire jewellery


 When I source sapphires I always use my trusted loupe. to look into the stone as I am again looking for inclusions interrupting the constant flow of colour.  Due to the growth of the crystal the gemstone can also feature colour banding, for some this can look pretty but as I'm looking for consistency and evenness of colour I want to filter those gemstones out.  Fundamentally, does the gemstone captivate you? 

An example of bespoke jewellery featuring sapphire and diamonds in white gold

Diamond and sapphire necklace custom made

 Ultimately the combination of colour found within sapphires, the strength of the stone and the variety of stone cuts makes this the perfect gem to design around.  Be it your own bespoke jewellery or for you to select from our collections directly we shall always be featuring sapphire jewellery.

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