The Facts Of The Gemstone; Garnet

Most people think of garnet jewellery as pieces featuring this rusty red transparent stone set in all kinds of jewellery from little trinkets to big Tiara’s but there is a lot more to this stone than people think.  Not only used in collections owing to its regular colour but also in bespoke ethical jewellery owing to the variety of colours.

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The name Garnet originates in ‘ye olde english’ meaning ‘dark red’. However Garnet stones can be dated back within jewellery to the years BC; a necklace has been found in Egypt which dates back to 3800BC. The stone has been used in gifts for pharaohs as it was thought of a luxurious gift to go with them to the afterlife. Roman scholars were also known to have favoured the stone. In modern times the use of this has increased since discoveries of different colours of garnet, creating its family. 

  Our Wedge Ring Featuring Tsavorite Garnet


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 The most popular types of garnet that are used within fine jewellery are Almandine Garnet, which is the classic rusty red variety. Tsavorite garnet is a captivating acidic bright green, it’s very eye-catching when used within modern jewellery such as our wedge ring. Spessartine garnet is warm yellow to orange variety. Rhodolite is a pinky purple variety which can extend to vivid raspberry colours.   Lesser known stones of the garnet family are Pyrope garnet which can be colour changing, Andradite and Uvarovite, both green forms of garnet. So as you can see garnet can provide the colour spectrum between pinky purples right through to vivid greens giving you lots of options for your birthstone colour and hue.  Hence endless options for designing a piece bespoke ethical jewellery!  

The Variety Of Colour Of The January Birthstone, Garnet
See the January birthstone of the garnet gemstone and all its hues
Garnet, the Aquarius birthstone, is widely spread over the world but generally speaking Almandine is found in India and the USA. Other locations are Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Did you know it is the state mineral of Connecticut and New York, I don’t think us Brits have state stones?! Garnet, also represents the 2nd Wedding Anniversary, not just the January Birthstone or Aquarius birthstone. It is a stone that is referred to a great deal to promote health and wellbeing. In particular it is the stone to promote regeneration and it is energising. It is sometimes said it can bring order to chaos, in general it is perceived to be a positive stone to dispel any evil and promote positivity, to be revitalising and the list goes on.

Overall from our perspective garnet provides us jewellers with a lot of possibilities in colour to design bespoke ethical jewellery around and feature it within our collections, but it is generally a gem that is not utilised enough.  

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