The Gift Of Coloured Gemstones For Birthday Or Christmas

The gift of a coloured gemstone for a birthday or Christmas is the perfect way to gift and create something sentimental but have left it a little late in the day to create a bespoke jewel in time. This gifting concept also has advantages if you’re not quite sure what the other person would love so why not give the gift of a coloured gemstone?

Sourcing coloured Gemstones to meet your requirements

Option one; The gift of a coloured gemstone... simple

That’s exactly it if you tell me the coloured gemstone you're wanting to gift and they’ll love, have a rough size and a budget in mind I can source the appropriate stone for you. What I will do is narrow down some stone options for you bearing in mind the size, quality and colour tones, so you'll still get the choice to handpick the coloured gemstone for birthday or Christmas that you were after.  If the coloured gemstone is to be a Christmas gift, then after Christmas, once all of the parties and Christmas chaos has settled down you can contact me at your leisure and we can start designing your very own piece of bespoke jewellery.  If the coloured gemstone is for a birthday, you could present the coloured gemstone present in the morning and have a pre arranged appointment with me for the afternoon to create a fun and exciting day for your loved one and start designing together the perfect bespoke jewel.

Give The Gift Of A Coloured Gemstone For Birthday Or Christmas

Option two; Give the gift of the coloured gemstone with a design

This is exactly as option one where I source the appropriate coloured gemstone for you, but we can also work together creating a design for a piece of jewellery if there is enough time before a birthday or if its a Christmas gift. You can then present the image of the design with the chosen coloured gemstone as a birthday or Christmas gift. This is quite a good safety net as if they don’t like the design then we can change it in the New Year or after the birthday. If the person loves the design you can give me the proceed and I’ll get cracking on making up the design that we already know they will love. 

This concept of a gifting a coloured gemstone is designed to free the pressure off yourself in getting the perfect jewel in time for Christmas or a birthday. It will also give you peace of mind when you’re not hundred percent what the other person would like; this is the ultimate safety net, a win win scenario.

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