What Is Personalised Jewellery?

My gold jewellery is made in so many different ways and I wanted to explain what actually is personalised jewellery and how to get your jewellery personalised.  In essence anything personalised releases directly to you and only you, so how is it done in jewellery?  To look at that we need to look at the collections and jewels we offer.Rock Rainbow Toi Et Moi Band hand made in 18ct yellow gold and colourful enamel

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Take my rock candy pieces reminiscent of sticks of rock you used to munch on when on holiday at the seaside.  Warmer days with a sunny outlook mean this is the perfect range to feature colour, in particular enamel.  Perhaps you have a favourite colour?  Perhaps you want to relate your own jewel to the colour talismans, or perhaps your zodiac sign can be represented by colour. If you look at a Sagittarius for example, that zodiac is represented by the colours of purple, dark blue and plum so perhaps your candy rock gold jewellery designs are hand crafted in those colours.Rock Pool Custom Colour Pop Wide band in blue sapphireIf you look at my Rock Pool collection, this uses different materials to create that vibrant colour around the gemstones within the piece.  You could have gemstones to represent your birthstones and the colour of the plating to represent your colour talisman, mix and match to make the piece unique to you.

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The Love Hearts you see in our collections are indeed inspired by the iconic British sweets and I am licensed by their brand owner to create this personalised jewellery.  Not only are they available in sentimental sayings like 'Love You' but they are also available as personalised jewellery with your initial, your birthstone, your name or even your nickname.  Having letters on an item of jewellery is the easiest way of conveying personalised jewellery.

Engraving of letters, with your name etc is the most traditional or recognised way of personalising a jewel, for example have a phrase engraved onto the back of a love heart necklace that has meaning between the pair of you. 

What to write on personalised jewellery?

You can go to town on a piece of jewellery with an engraving, you just need to make sure there's enough room on the jewellery to accommodate your idea, your jeweller should be able to advise you though.  As mentioned you could feature initials, a special date, names, nicknames and even decorative features like hearts, stars etc.  

Personalised jewellery is the mid point between purchasing ready to wear jewellery, tweaking the design slightly and complete custom made, one of a kind bespoke jewellery.  If you have an idea for personalised jewellery then reach out to discuss your idea

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