Coloured Diamond Pendant

Working with gorgeous gemstones is one of our passions.  To source and hunt down some of mother natures finest artworks is one of our favourite aspects of work.  When we were approached to design a statement diamond pendant with natural fancy canary yellow diamonds, well we were in our element.  

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Natural yellow diamonds brings the warmth to the necklace with the yellowness seemingly more golden when teamed with 18ct yellow gold.  As a contrast and for maximum sparkle, as after all she wanted to make a statement, we teamed the natural yellow diamonds with natural white diamonds too housed in white gold.  As for the jewellery design, well this was quite a treat, a big present for the lady and how do we wrap up gifts?  With ribbon.  This was the jewellery design concept so here you see the finished handcrafted diamond pendant with graduated gold ribbon twists intertwined to give a sense of flow and to encourage the eyes to the natural diamond drops.  What do you think?

Straight on view of the white and natural yellow diamond pendant inspired by ribbons


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