The Ruby Ring Redesign

A ring redesign for a custom dress ring can be a hard task to do because while you have the raw materials and components ready to work with, the jewellery design can be absolutely anything, no set purpose to fulfil for an engagement ring or eternity ring.  Fundamentally a client needs to ask themselves;  'what do I want?'.  We recommend trawling the website of Pinterest to discover your taste and get inspiration for custom jewellery.  From there, we can take the reins and develop the inspiration into the ring redesigns.

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The custom ruby ring redesign itself

If you're like us, where you have a few years of experience in life shall we say and your tastes have changed since your late teens or early twenties then you may have some jewellery not to your taste anymore.  This was exactly this situation.  A traditional ruby cluster ring was presented to a lady for her 21st birthday present, at the time she loved it but her tastes have evolved.  She isn't as fond of traditional jewellery as she once was, she's a confident lady with a passion for making a statement and a love of contemporary inspiration.  Having worked through the design process with her for her custom ruby ring redesign she chose an angular, asymmetric design around her central ruby, the rich red ruby to be the focus. The custom ring not be more different to the original ring but keeps all the sentimentality of the original using all the original gold and gemstones.

The side view of the ruby ring redesign into a contemporary version

If you're considering a redesign, her are some other completed projects;

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