Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring

Normally people ask for modern round brilliants to feature within an eternity ring but there are so many other diamond cuts for you to choose from especially when you are getting a custom jewellery design.  Eternity rings are also traditionally worn between a wedding band and the engagement ring but others wear their band on the other side of their wedding band or even on another finger if they wanted more of a statement eternity ring.

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This lady wanted exactly that in her custom jewellery design, she wanted to make a bit more of a statement eternity ring to celebrate her milestone in her marriage.  She loved more angular stones with more of an angular sparkle rather than a scintillating sparkle of a round brilliant.  So we presented to her some asscher cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds.  She loved the simplicity of the baguettes.  The next task was to create a custom jewellery design for her eternity ring to compliment the shape or the stones.  She opted for a bar set style eternity ring to enhance the rectangular shaped diamonds all in yellow gold.  Then we set to work to hand make her very own custom eternity ring.

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