Marquise Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring

This Marquise cluster diamond engagement ring was a fun one to make but it was a piece that evolved from a number of ideas. It's always great when a client approaches me with pictures of other diamond engagement rings they like.  From this point I then created a number of designs featuring the different aspects my client loved.

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 The pictures of the engagement rings we all of a delicate nature shall I say and as I am a great believer that great design and durability can go hand in hand.  For example if the band around the finger is only say 1mm wide and deep then it won't last the test of time.  Bringing a jewellery designer I consider all the angles so the back of the ring where it gets the most wear and tear needs to be a reasonable width and depth for example.  The client wanted the marquise in rose gold so we recommended the diamonds set in platinum as a contrast and to enhance the whiteness of the diamonds.  Platinum is also more hardwearing than white gold so another reason to house the diamonds in this way.  This jewellery design is centred on the marquise with the shoulder diamonds are set in a trefoil to lead the eye into the marquise.  As for the side view, its simple and elegant so not to detract from the sparkle of the diamonds.

Side view of the marquise cluster diamond engagement ring


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