Organic Gold Brooch

Picture this: a worn-down, forgotten jewellery collection transformed into a breathtaking organic gold brooch, a true testament to the power of creativity and craftsmanship. When a client approached me with her inherited jewels and broken chains, I knew I had an exciting challenge ahead of me. The client's collection was a melting pot of yellow gold, all of which could be melted down to create something truly unique and special.

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But what to create? The client was drawn to organic pieces and wore them often, so we knew we had to incorporate that element into the jewellery remodel. She also wanted to honor her mother's wedding ring, a well-loved piece with engraved details that had worn down over time. After examining the ring, I could still make out a subtle zig-zag design, a perfect starting point for our new piece.

And so, the bespoke designing began. The chosen gold brooch design was unlike anything I had ever created before. Imagine a plant pot, tilted on its side, containing the zig-zag details of the original wedding ring and the diamond from her mother's engagement ring. From the branches of this unique flower pot grew an asymmetric design, a beautiful representation of the organic style the client loved.

But we didn't stop there. The jewellery design was further enhanced by the addition of white sapphires and white pearls from inherited dress rings. The branches seemed to caress these precious stones in an ebb and flow, creating a gold brooch that was both elegant and organic.

The result was truly breathtaking; a one-of-a-kind gold brooch that the client could cherish forever. It was a classic jewellery remodel, turned into a stunning piece of art that perfectly represented the client's unique style and heritage. This is the magic of jewellery design, where old and forgotten pieces can be brought back to life in the most creative and exciting ways.

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