Sapphire Waterfall Inspired Necklace

Many people find water soothing, relaxing and calming so this is a great source of inspiration for people and our client.  There are so many ways the mesmerising flow of water can be interpreted.  We experimented with lines, texture, play of stones and in the end our client loved a design with a spray of lines and stones.  Even looking but with asymmetric details in the placement of the gemstones, the sapphires and a dusting of diamonds to add some glitz and sparkle. 

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The white gold was manipulated to make a kind of puzzle with the stone settings.  To make this piece took 40 seperate solderings to bond all the separate pieces of wire and settings together.  Then came the setting of the sapphires and diamonds in a rub over style.  Last but not least is the finishing which consists of polish and a white rhodium plating for a crisp white finish.

Side view of the sapphire and diamond waterfall inspired necklace

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