Exhibiting At Goldsmiths Fair!

I am thrilled that as of September 27th I shall be exhibiting at the renowned Goldsmiths Fair.  In 2020 the show was a digital exhibition owing to the pandemic, which was bizarre to talk to people so impersonally over the phone, by email or the occasional zoom so I’m really excited that in 2021 it’s both a digital and a real life show.  Why am I so excited, well how about this;

Jenny inspecting jewellery for goldsmiths fair60 Goldsmiths And Silversmiths Exuding Talent

Each year every hopeful exhibitor has to apply to be a part of Goldsmiths Fair.  The applications are assessed and each creator is selected for both their design skills but also their high quality pieces.  The show is curated to offer a multitude of disciplines and aesthetics.  It will be my first year exhibiting, along with a few other newbies but there are some that have been exhibiting for donkeys years.  I am humbled to be considered part of this talent.  My style as you know is to have fun with my handmade jewels, whimsical pieces often with colour, other aesthetics can include more geometric angular pieces or ornate organic concepts.  There will also be a variety of materials, the metals of silver, gold and platinum as your would expect in the home of hallmarking but also enamels, novel uses of gemstones and platings.  The stairs at Goldsmiths hall where Goldsmiths Fair is held

Have You Seen Goldsmiths Hall?

The entrance to goldsmiths hall is a little hidden off a side street, not quite what you’d expect for such an impressive building but as it was built in 1835 the city has changed a lot around it.  Quite simply it is a magnificent building inside and out, exuding its age and maturity, but goldsmiths company or The Worshipful Company Of Goldsmiths as they are more formally known are one of 12 livery companies within London actually receiving its first Royal Charter in 1327, the company itself started in 1300.  Right from the outset not only did Goldsmiths Company task itself with moderating the luxury items handcrafted within England but it also had the aim right back then to support the craftspeople, us.  I love being part of this heritage.

Inside one of the Halls of Goldsmiths Hall for Goldsmiths Fair

What You Can Expect From Me At Goldsmiths Fair?

Well of course I shall be going to Goldsmiths Fair with all my playful jewellery, displayed equally in a sophisticated but fun manner.  I shall also be happy to discuss any bespoke jewellery ideas you have in mind or if you have an inherited piece of jewellery not to your taste and you are looking for a redesign, I will also be happy to chat through any revamps you may have.  To give you ideas of pieces I shall have will me images of past jewellery creations as well as a treasure trove of gemstones to tickle your fancy, we have stones to temp you not your standard stones but something a bit different.

Goldsmiths Fair Itself

Goldsmiths Fair is on for two weeks from the 27th of September with the first 30 designers in the first week, then a change over of makers for the second week.  As mentioned I am exhibiting in the first week on stand 13, lucky 13 some might say.  The show begins for visitors at 10.30 am each day and you will need to book a ticket through Goldsmiths Fair Website.  If you are looking to come and see me to see my jewellery or to discuss a bespoke piece or revamp then I'd love to give you my undivided attention at the show, so if you intend to pop along it would be great to know the time so I can schedule an appointment in my diary and try to ensure there aren't any other appointment conflicts, I'd love to treat you to a ticket too!  Contact me to let me know when you’d love to visit. 

Im looking forward to seeing you!


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