5 Friendship Jewellery Ideas

Friendship Jewellery is the perfect gift to give to serve as a constant reminder of your close relationship.  Whether it's a loving heart necklace to present to your mum, as mums are always amazing and they hold a special place in your heart, a friend that is your doppelgänger and you hit it off recently or that friend you have known for donkeys years who has been with you through thick and thin.  For whichever relationship you choose to celebrate I round up the jewels that would make the perfect gift.

1. Love Hearts Initial Necklace

Love Hearts Initial Necklace handmade in 18ct yellow gold and diamond
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I obtained permission from the makers of the iconic British Love Hearts Sweets to create them in fine metals.  This jewellery design not only celebrates the best of British, British sweet concept handmade by me in Britain but it is such a simple way to create a memory jewel,  a piece of friendship jewellery that when looked upon reminds them of you..

2. One Love Ring

One love heart ring crafted in gold and diamond in SurreyI designed this gold heart ring with many considerations in mind, such as a piece to represent self love, but also as a commitment ring and in this case, as you can see in the centre, the heart shaped hands gesture in the ring oozes love.  This friendship jewellery is a way of showing some love to those nearest and dearest to you.

3. Pinky Promise Ring

Pinky promise ring with all its detail of the interlocking pinky fingers to use as a commitment ringPinky Promise ring as worn on a model to use as a friendship ring

The title of this gold ring says it all, have you ever made a promise to a friend or loved one?  This jewellery design is centred around the pinky promise gesture transformed into gold, so let this friendship jewellery keep you focused on the promise to keep.  I personally wear mine as a pinky ring too because its a cute dainty piece.

4. Love You Love Hearts Necklace

Love Hearts Personalised Necklace handmade in 18 ct gold and diamond

Let the words do the talking with this Love Hearts Necklace, this simple phrased necklace can be used for many situations often used as a piece of memory jewellery to create a constant reminder of the person who gifted it in this case as a form of friendship, but it can also be used for romantic and commitment sentiments.

5.  Haribo Ring.

Haribo Ring in silver and enamel

Everybody knows Haribo sweets and the famous ring, well here it is immortalised in a jewellery design.  This friendship jewellery reminds me of times in the playground as a child playing with these candies.  Use this friendship ring as a gift to your oldest friend to remind them of the special times you had, of times gone by.

I often look at my childhood for whimsical nostalgia, a chance to celebrate the fun and special moments we had, when gifting friendship jewellery you are creating more of those special moments and creating that memory jewellery for them to cherish.


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