Virgo Birthstones In Bespoke Jewellery Designs

About you and your Virgo Birthstone

You lucky things as you have so many options with your birthstones when it comes to treating yourself or a loved one to jewellery be it ready to wear collections or a more special treat with bespoke jewellery made just for you.  But back to the beginning, your star sign is Virgo if you were born between the 23rd August and the 22nd September.  Virgo’s birthstones are sapphires (particularly blue sapphire) carnelian, jade, jasper, moss agate.  Along with these, Virgo also has the planetary stone citrine, and the talismanic stone zircon. As a person you tend to be hardworking, practical, and fiercely loyal, Virgos are also kind and careful, and can be prone to worrying and shyness.

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Sapphire is more rare and expensive in its pure, un-treated form, although heat treated sapphire can be more commonly found.  Ranging from vivid blue hues all the rainbow colours, it can make for a beautiful statement in a piece of jewellery.  Long associated with wisdom and royalty, sapphire complements the Virgo’s innate qualities, lending strength and focus, as well as the ability to pick out fraud and untruthfulness.

Probably because of these qualities, sapphire has been one of the most prized gemstones throughout history.  Here are some historical facts about Virgo’s birthstone:

  • The rulers of Ancient Persia believed it was the reflected of sapphire stones which made the sky blue.
  • People in the ancient Far East wore sapphires around their necks to prevent them from falling prey to jealously and bad luck.
  • Sapphires have long been believed to bring gifts to those who wear them of happiness, fulfilment, inner satisfaction and protection from illness.
  • In medieval Europe, people believed that wearing sapphires suppressed negative thoughts.
    Rock Pool Spiral rainbow ring featuring coloured sapphires, the virgo birthstone
In jewellery design, sapphire equally lends itself to being the star of the show, but is also a very versatile stone and can be used as a sprinkling of colour within a design.  The stone complements a variety of skin tones and is stunning faceted in a pair of earrings or a ring which allow the light to bounce off it.  For a real show-stopper, a sapphire edged with diamonds or smaller white stones will hark back to the days when it was prized by royals and will make you feel like one too.  

 An example of bespoke jewellery with this virgo birthstone blue sapphire necklace

In life and in jewellery, Virgos favour attention to detail and order, and delight in intricacies and subtle touches that other star signs might not notice.  At Jennifer House Jewellery, I can fashion a variety of bespoke jewellery that would please a Virgo, ranging from delicate patterned pieces to modern numbers which favour symmetry and the clarity of a piercing blue stone.

A blue sapphire necklace featuring the virgo birthstone as an example of my bespoke jewellery 

In fact, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that Virgos make some of our most exacting customers.  That’s why bespoke jewellery is ideal for a Virgo, because who better to design the perfect piece of jewellery which fits you right down to the last detail, than you!  The time and craftsmanship which goes into our pieces is always especially valued by Virgos.

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