Our Rock Pool Collection Launch

 A sense of escapism is always important as a chance to reinvigorate, refresh and inspire.  Jennifer has always found such times on holiday when there were no cares in the world, she was given the chance to day dream.  In particular, age breeds responsibilities so again draws inspiration from her childhood when she could loose all her inhibitions, to daydream, to imagine.

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One particular time was whilst on a family holiday to the Isle of Herm near Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  I was a little girl and I wasn’t so fond of walking at the time so as our family set out walking a little around Herm, I may have had a tantrum, bored of walking until we reached the beach with teaming shells and rock pools. I was of course the master mountaineer conquering the rocky crevasses like Mount Everest, transfixed by those almost other worldly creatures that were lurking around these rock pools.

 Rock Pool Spiral Ring in 18 carat yellow gold and diamond

This was the inspiration to our latest jewellery collection, Rock Pool.  Simple forms with the crevasses drawing you in, mesmerised by the texture with the gemstones appearing sporadically just like those mystical creatures that fascinated a young girl.  The diamond set pieces create our core range with the option of creating a custom piece with your choice of colours;  such as blue sapphires teamed with an electric blue rook pool for a true blue vibe, alternatively create an eye catching piece mixing the gems with the colour of the crevasse like pink sapphires contrasting with a radiating ultraviolet.

Rock Pool Custom Colour Wide Band in 18 carat yellow gold and blue sapphire 

Jennifer House Jewellery is an ethical minded company and this ethos is continued within our new collection. The gold is Fairmined 18ct gold within the pendants and the rings, the chains are from a recycled gold source and, the diamonds used are fully traceable Canada Mark and the coloured gemstones ethically sourced direct from the cutters knowing their rough is not financing any civil wars. Each jewel is presented in our beautiful sustainable gift packaging as always.

Rock Pool Large Diamond Necklace in 18 carat yellow gold and diamond


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