Sapphire Earrings Remodelled Into “A” Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces are always popular, be it in ready to wear collections or in bespoke jewellery.  In this circumstance my client inherited a pair of sapphire and diamond cluster earrings from her mother.  As a lovely thought she wanted a pendant created to remind her of her mother but also two versions of the same remodelled necklace as she was going to gift a pendant to her honorary sister that she grew up with.  To get inspired for this necklace and as I like maximising sentimentality within a piece we drew inspiration from the mothers first name.  It began with the letter A.  

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Obviously that initial didn't correspond with my client or her sisters name so I abstracted the shape, again only my clients really knew what this remodelled initial necklace actually represented.  To make more of a statement the jewellery design was completely asymmetric with the diamonds set in white gold down one side and the gold sweeping around the rich royal blue sapphire in the centre.  I love the thought with these necklaces that when the sisters wear these remodelled initial necklaces not only do they think of the mum, but also each other.

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