Modern Knot Opal Pendant Redesigned From An Inherited Ring

I love redesigning jewellery keeping the sentimentality of the original jewellery and melting it down and using the gemstones in a new design.  The redesigned jewel keeps the sentimentality but is now a piece of jewellery that you love the design of.  As I always jewellery is meant to be loved and worn.  I utterly adore opals and when a client approached me with an inherited opal ring that didn't do anything for her, it was a boring design, nothing imaginative so naturally I jumped at the chance to redesign this into something my client will love.  My client loved bigger pieces of jewellery, something contemporary so I got inspiration from the fact that the opal ring was inherited from her own mother.  Cue the inspiration, a mothers knot.  It represents the tight bond between mother and offspring.  So this redesigned pendant can have sentimental meaning in the gemstone but also the design.  

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The mothers knot as inspiration behind this gold opal pendant

As with designing, I often take inspiration on a tangent.  Its only for the wearer to know and understand the meaning and inspiration behind the redesigned pendant.  From this knot as a basis I then wanted to make it more eye catching. breaking up the consistent flow to have gradients of thicknesses which lead your eye around the pendant.  As always, diamonds add a certain je ne sais quois to jewellery, for me the sparkle adds a lightness to the jewel with the expanse of solid heavy metal.  Diamonds teamed with this stunning opal and wow, what a gorgeous redesigned pendant.  When you look into the opal it almost looks like another galaxy, or Mother Nature creating a Monet.

 A close up of an opal gemstone used in a redesigned pendant

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