Remodelling An Inherited Brooch Into A Modern Love

This client was such fun to work with she said, 'Jenny, can you remodel this old brooch.  I've had it years and it't just not me.  All I want is maximum bling and I want it to make a modern statement, so over to you'.  Over to me indeed!  The Lady has such a zest for life and getting out and about so a sturdy diamond encrusted ring would be ideal.  Honing in on a jewellery design she loved a modern signet ring style concept.  I kept her up to date with the stages of the remodel as she was intrigued how jewellery can be made.  From a CAD design I then proceeded from the casting, to setting, to polishing and of course hallmarking, to put it in a nutshell.  She was over the moon with the finished piece and offered to write her thoughts on her experience with Jennifer House Jewellery ;

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' Jennifer House Jewellery took great care to understand what I was looking for in terms of remaking some old inherited jewellery into something more modern and more ‘me’. The cross she made is absolutely beautiful and more than met my expectations and the ring definitely definitely makes a statement, which is exactly what I wanted'


The Cad drawing of the signet ring design
The final remodelled diamond signet ring as seen worn on the hand
A close up view of the remodel into a modern diamond signet ring style

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