5 Gold Hoop Earrings To Obsess Over

There’s been quite a trend for gold hoop earrings for quite some time but in fact this style of jewellery has been around for a while, to put it mildly. Gold hoop earrings can be traced back to ancient times, some believe the origins was in Mesopotamia with Sumerian women in 2500 BC. Then the gold hoop earrings can be seen in Egyptian culture and Nubian culture (now Sudan) as a way to represent their wealth and status, others were said to have worn them just for a thing of beauty. The Greeks were recognised to bring in intricate design details to really represent their wealth. Nowadays gold hoop earrings are staple within your jewellery box and there are tremendous varieties to choose from. Here I present my new gold hoop and colourful hoop earring additions to my popular rock Candy range and rock pool range. 

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Let’s start with my go to everyday set of hoop earrings, the rock pool huggy hoops, they are the smallest hoop in size out of the Jennifer House Jewellery options, in fact I’m wearing my pair now as I write this. They are understated whilst the sprinkling of diamonds ups the anti. 


Diamond huggie hoop earrings


I have also handcrafted some medium sized gold hoop earrings  in the same rock pool concept with the undulating texture within the crack framing some scintillating diamonds representing the underwater creatures peering out. These gold pair of hoops compliment anything else you wear and can be stacked up the ear with our smaller huggie hoops to emphasise the concept. 

No outfit should be dull, well those are my thoughts anyway, hence designing a statement pair of colourful gold hoops for my popular Rock Candy range. Just like those sticks of rock Candy given to you as a treat when you were younger these earring also features a bold and vibrant overlay of cold enamel to the 18ct gold swirling base. As with my rainbow jewels I also wanted these colourful gold hoops to represent a rainbow so interestingly the colours are assymetric. One hoop represents the hot colour tones and the other cool colour tones. 
Colourful enamel and gold hoop earrings

 As a sneak peek into new jewellery I will be bringing out soon I wanted to present two more colour options. The first I wanted a summery bright colour way, let me present to you ‘Bubble Gum’, pastel colours of peach, blue and teal with a hint of white in these colourful hoop earrings. 

Secondly, in with my new colour ways is the allsorts theme with neon pink black and white just like those love them or loathe them sweets the liquorice all sorts for inspiration.  These gold hoop earrings make more a statement as the colours are contrasting and designed to stand out but as neon is on trend at the moment these gold hoops decently stand out from the crowd. 

As I hand make all my colourful jewellery I can also create your own personalised hoop earrings in your chosen colour way, perhaps purple is your favourite colour then I could create a pair with different colour purple hues.  I can even create you own hoop earrings in rose gold or for more of a contrast blacken the metal to create more of a contrast with the enamel colours.  The easiest way to experiment with colours is to pop to your local hardware store and get those paint swatch papers to play with.  Just contact me to discuss you own personalised hoop earrings once you’ve had a play.

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