How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring

We often get asked, what is the right wedding ring for me?  Time and time again I give the same answer.  Rather than just speaking to the person in question I thought I would write down my suggestions to help others about how to find their one ring that they will definitely wear all day every day for the rest of their life.  Generally all our wedding rings are bespoke just so we can get every detail perfect for each client.

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Most of the time when couples sit down to look at wedding rings they are amazed at how much variety is available…. It will not be an easy decision.  People with engagement rings,  I think may have an easier task of choosing as most of the time they require a band which complements their engagement ring.  This generally speaking means a number of options; a classic wedding band or a crossover wedding ring or a shaped band.

A Classic wedding ring

It is the basis of everything.  This stipulates the cross section look of the ring you are after, the width and the depth.  Both cross overs and shaped rings will originate from this concept; what profile are you after?  The basic profiles available to you are; D section, court, flat, or a flat court.  Below is an image to illustrate what each profile looks like plus a few more.  Once you have decided on a profile next decision to make is the width.  Most jewellers work to differences of 0.5mm.  Generally speaking a wedding band width starts at 2mm and goes up to 6mm as standard (I have made a bespoke ring for a gentleman at 10mm though). 

Crossover Wedding rings

They contain the same feature as above but features a twist concept in the centre of the band so the metal pinches and looks like the two halves cross over one another.  This is useful is a classic wedding band does not lie flat against your engagement ring and the gaps when wearing a classic band frustrates you.  This decorative cross over look often solves that problem plus when this band is worn by itself it looks perfectly pretty stand alone. 

Crossover wedding ring example 

Shaped Wedding Rings

They are always bespoke made.  They start life as a flat band and are manipulated by goldsmiths in order to hug your engagement ring snuggly be it angular and modern or delicate soft curves.  This prevents any obvious gaps and illustrates your rings are meant to be together, often there is a curve to the ring which leaves discrete gaps either side of the central diamond.  However one consideration here is how often will you take your engagement ring off?  Sometimes this idea of wedding band can look a little odd by itself depending on the style. 

Shaped Wedding band examples to fit around an engagement ring

Diamond Set Wedding Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Some ladies want some diamonds in their band and in most occasions this is possible. Questions to ask yourself are; how many diamonds do you want in your band, what type of setting are you after, how far are the stones to go around?  Sometimes less is more with a wedding band as don’t forget….. hopefully you will receive an eternity ring in a few years time  so perhaps too many stones may be a bit too sparkly for now?

Gents Wedding Rings

As for a gents band, stereotypically they tend to be wider and heavier bands which unfortunately tend to mean more cost.  The fundamental points to consider are the same as above only gents don’t normally have an engagement ring to fit their band around.  Gents with an engagement ring tend to be a parallel band of sorts and therefore would sit nicely against a classic band.  Have a play around with textures, edging and sandwiching different colour metals next to each other.

Diamond set wedding ring examples of designs

Allow time for a wedding ring 

Please don’t leave shopping for a wedding rings until last minute, the process of trying on ring and narrowing down to the one you love can take a while  should you opt for a bespoke piece then this can take between 6 to 8 weeks to create for you.   This time frame is a leisurely pace and could be sped up but no jeweller would like to be worried about a due date such as an actual wedding date.  So don’t cause yourself stress allow plenty of time and happy shopping!

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You will be surprised that although in pretty pictures the difference in profiles, widths, textures etc look like nothing much, you will be surprised how the slighted difference can alter the look on the finger.  We have only scratched the surface of the designs available to choose from so overall my advice to anyone shopping for a wedding band is to try anything and everything, even if at first you don’t like the look of it may look completely different on the finger.  It is only when you try something on properly that you can work to a process of elimination.  When you then get it down to 2 or 3 ideas go home and sleep on it.  The one that you wake up thinking about is the ring for you.

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